• Inclusive Certification (5/9/2017) - “Now, more than ever, we must embrace the responsibility we have to each other. We must transcend that which divides us, and respect what makes each of us valuable and unique.” – Mayor Kasim Reed In partnership with Open For Service, Welcoming Atlanta and the City of Atlanta are creating a movement to expand the […]
  • Caught Between by Adariana Valente, Cristo Rey HS Intern, 2016-17 (5/9/2017) - My life as a first generation American has been challenging rollercoaster of emotions. I had to endure being left alone for certain periods of time and having to move on from grief. My parents traveled a dangerous route, crossing the dry and empty desert, just to come to the USA so they could provide for our family and give […]
  • My Story by Ralphil Trinh, Cristo Rey HS Intern 2016-17 (4/28/2017) - The fall of Saigon– April 30th, 1975, this date marked the changing of my parents’ lives forever. My dad would often share with me the vivid stories of his escape from Vietnam. He was forced to leave everything behind, including my grandmother and aunt. He had it the hard way, escaping on foot then evading from the Viet Cong on boat. (Keep in mind that he was only about six years old at the time.) People like my dad would later on be called “boat people” by many authors who wrote about the Vietnam War. His excursion took him to the Philippines where he would stay for about four years learning English and praying that someone in America would basically “adopt” him. My mom on the other hand, had it easier. She was in Vietnam for the fall of Saigon but was “withdrawn” with my grandfather who served in the South Vietnamese Army as a Lt. Colonel in the joint task force alongside the American soldiers. Her whole side of the family flew to America and received citizenship very quickly.
  • My Life After Coming To The U.S. by Mehrin Purba, Cristo Rey HS Intern, 2016-17 (4/24/2017) - In 1997 my father came to America in hopes of a better future. He had spent 3 years in the U.S. trying to settle down before going back to Bangladesh to marry my mom. My dad came back to America just months after he got married to my mom. I was born the following year […]
  • Mayor Kasim Reed Statement on the City of Atlanta’s Leading Role as a Welcoming City (11/28/2016) - View this release online: Mayor Kasim Reed Statement on the City of Atlanta’s Leading Role as a Welcoming City Posted Date: 11/28/2016 4:00 PM  Mayor’s Office of Communications 55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 2500 • Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Anne Torres, Director 404-330-6423, office 404-904-2618, cell Jenna Garland, Press Secretary 404-330-6612, office 404-357-5579, cell […]
  • My Internship Experience at Welcoming Atlanta (11/28/2016) -               As an intern for the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs – Welcoming Atlanta, I had the edifying opportunity to contribute and play a part in Welcoming Atlanta’s mission of inclusion and civic integration. Living in the metro-Atlanta area for about 15 years, I thought I knew my city […]
  • Welcoming Atlanta Seeking Interns and Fellows (11/28/2016) - The Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs – Welcoming Atlanta builds upon Atlanta’s proud tradition of inclusion and welcoming by ensuring that our immigrant and refugee neighbors are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our community as we continue to build a multicultural city that attracts families and businesses from around the world. Welcoming Atlanta seeks […]
  • img_5198 Salma’s Journey (11/28/2016) - My mom and dad have five kids: two born in Mexico, one in California, and two in Georgia. I grew up learning Spanish and English while my sisters were raised speaking only Spanish. Many people ask, “Where are you from?” My usual answer is: “My parents were born in Mexico, but I was born here.” […]
  • IMG_5800 My Father’s Journey #IHM2016 (6/28/2016) - As a child, I felt torn as a first generation American, as if I had to choose between my heritage and my home. But as I have grown older, I have realized the beauty of the immigrant experience is a fusion of heritage and home. As a Venezuelan and a Colombian, I have always been […]
  • mom Immigrant Heritage from Jamaica #IHM2016 (6/27/2016) - My Two Worlds Life as a first generation American has always been a conflicting battle of balancing two different cultural identities. Growing up, I had a lot of resentment towards my parents for having me in the United States. Back then I never saw the advantage being an American-born citizen gave me. All I knew […]


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