Inclusive Certification


In partnership with Open For Service, Welcoming Atlanta and the City of Atlanta are creating a movement to expand the meaning of active inclusion in private and public spaces. We aim to create a Georgia where people know they will be treated with respect as members of a diverse society.

Businesses, schools, and other public spaces that affirm a commitment to inclusion gain significant power to build and shape their communities for the better. And that’s not surprising. After all, the things that build stronger communities – mutual respect, inclusiveness, and compassion – have always been simple.


To celebrate diversity more visibly in our community, Welcoming Atlanta is launching a campaign to certify public spaces as inclusive. Businesses, organizations, and other spaces can show their dedication to welcoming all patrons and visitors – regardless of nationality/race, sexual orientation, language, disability or gender/religious expression – easily and for free! Customers wishing to support inclusive businesses can search the Open For Service mobile app for spaces near them that welcome everyone.



Are you ready to show that your business or agency welcomes all patrons?

Register your business and order your free Atlanta Welcomes Everyone sticker on Open For Service, and then place the sticker on your storefront – it’s that quick and easy! If you live in the City of Atlanta, we will gladly bring you your free Atlanta Welcomes Everyone sticker!